Thursday, April 21, 2016

TRAVEL: Stockholm

Was incredibly lucky to get to travel to Stockholm for work this week. Beautiful city, and at least one fantastic game store!
What can I say but damn, this city is gorgeous! I was on a stupid fast turnaround and only had a few hours to run around and explore but what little I saw has me itching to go back. Great architecture, great food. Beautiful. What struck me most though was just how clean it is. And the whole city feels like they've got an HOA dictating paint colors, etc. Everything fits together nicely.

Lots of clear French and Italian influence as you walk around. At times you could easily picture yourself in Paris our Rome, not that I've been to either of those cities. Great little cafes everywhere with fresh bread and espresso wafting out. And apparently more Michelin star restaurants than you can shake a stick at. We ate at one. Some of it was amazing, most of it just fine. Some awesome bars, and I finally gave the Pappy 15 a try. Definitely a different bourbon. Pretty good stuff, despite its stupid expense and cries of being overrated.

My work buddy and I stumbled on a pretty fantastic gaming store. Fun to see one so well stocked with international games including a very impressive GW selection. I've been to GW stores in the States that didn't have as much. Could've spent hours there. They had a few cases of nicely painted minis. A favorite of mine was the big Ork war wagon adorned with the Swedish flag.

That's about it. Hopefully will get to go back again soon with a little more free time. I need to see more of Europe!



  1. I live in Stockholm and I´m happy to hear that you like our town :) The sf booksstore is indeed a great store, my favorite :D

  2. So lucky! I miss Stockholm, visiting was great fun.