Tuesday, April 5, 2016

WIP: Imperial Guard Part 3, the shocking twist!

You know I can't just make an army the way they are out of the box, right?

I can never leave well enough alone. I had to make 40+ Necrons standing instead of squatting. I had to make my pathfinders all helmetless. I had to bend the tails on over 60 tyranids - and now I've made 40+ female Imperial Guard.

I present the 541st Howlin' Banshees!

I after trolling the internet for ideas, I came across the Statuesque Miniatures site. They make amazing, 28mm heroic scale, female heads in multiple designs. I selected five sets of berets (50 heads) and a set of veterans (10 heads) for my command squads and gunners.

The sculpts are fantastic, and despite being in metal (drilling and pinning - YUCK) they weren't that tough to work with. I primed and base coated using my airbrush. Then I applied a wash, and highlighted the faces.

Once that was complete, I masked the faces using poster putty, and then airbrushed the berets. Once the berets were complete, I painted the hair, snipped them from their sprues and glued them to the completed bodies using gel based super glue to prevent dripping and running. A perfect fit.

I'll load a proper showcase once the army is complete, including Commander Mira, formerly of the defence force that drove the Ork incursion back on Graia.



  1. Great work, I'm gonna go look for some of those heads to head my future Sisters of Battle made from Eisenkern Valkir troops.

  2. You should probably check out Raging Heroes - Kurganova Shock Troops. They make some really well sculpted female guard proxies - they'd make a nice Veteran Squad or something.

  3. Hello, Im wondering if its possibly to see more pictures or an update of this project?

    1. I'll take some detailed photos of the squads in the new year!