Thursday, April 7, 2016

WIP: Alpha Legion Troops

Incremental progress this week.
Washing is done on 75% of these guys, and I've gotten a head start on edge highlighting the Lord. Slow going, but progress is not fast when you're doing 17 guys at once.

I'm struggling a bit with the ropes on this Lord's chest and robes. What color would Alphas go? I don't want to be just blue and silver, but I've already accented with green on the cape. Maybe white?



  1. Wow, I don't think I noticed the green accents on the armour until I zoomed in on the pics - they look lovely! Is it just a green wash you've been applying?

    As for ropes, I'd tend towards a natural colour, I find Rakarth Flesh toned down with Agrax Earthshade does well enough for me - it's not quite as harsh as white (though a white similar to the Lord's knee pads would work pretty well I think) but it's still neutral so doesn't clash with other colours on the model.

    Looking forward to seeing more progress!

    1. some of it is a spray of Waggah, and some is a wash of Secret Weapon Algae.

      I think I may start out with that white (which is actually a light gray) and see where it goes. Can always tone back if needed.

  2. How about some camouflage on the cloak outer most surface - those dastardly sneaky Alphas...

    1. Hmm. For some troops, headhunters etc, that might work really nicely. Not sure I like it on the Lord though. Still fighting with this Alpha thing where every troop, in theory, looks identical (though Forgeworld has made quite a few different shoulder pads and armor types). Good for fluff, boring as hell to paint.

  3. Rakarth Flesh base
    Agrax Earthshade wash
    Clean up with rakarth flesh
    highlight with pallid wych flesh


    Screamer Pink
    Nuln Oil wash
    Ushabti Bone highlight
    Bloodletter Red Glaze