Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SHOWCASE: Trip's 2016 Year-end Recap

Better late than never, I guess.

Sure, it's late June 2017, but let's just pretend I posted this back in January.

I posted recaps of 2014 and 2015, but because I wasn't hobbying at the time, I didn't make one for 2016. Now that I'm back at the table, (albeit infrequently) it's time for a belated recap of our 2016 progress.

I created a kit-bashed Space Marine Chaplain.

I created our blog's first ever videos; unboxing the Cadian Defence Force and Start Collecting! Space Marines.

I started my 5th army by completing a Commissar, and created a video unboxing for the Deathwatch: Overkill set.

Completed three IG veteran squads with custom female heads.


We quietly celebrated our 3rd anniversary!

My close combat terminators were featured on the Tale of Painters blog.

Completed Ortan Cassius of the Deathwatch.

A quiet year, to be sure. Burnout and everyday responsibilities guaranteed 2016's workload was nowhere near the previous two years'.

How did I do on the resolutions I made at the start of 2016?

- create custom line-of-sight blocking terrain INCOMPLETE
- make a Space Marine Sternguard Veteran squad in Deathwatch theme INCOMPLETE, but...
- create video tutorials and battle reports INCOMPLETE, but...

I didn't make the Deathguard veterans squad because they released an entire line of Deathwatch marines, so I started those AND made ultramarines veterans as well! I didn't make any tutorial videos or battle reports, but we did create several unboxing videos!

- create custom line-of-sight blocking terrain
- complete Deathwatch: Overkill marines
- complete Start Collecting! Space Marines box set
- complete IG vehicles
- create video showcases

Wish me luck!


  1. hey, at least you did something! And you're painting and posting now, even if it's slowly. I had some good momentum for a while there and all the traveling killed that. Will likely be a couple of weeks before I get another post up.

  2. Hey Trip, big fan of your work, I'm attempting a similar approach to my Tyranid fleet as you did with yours (with a few tweaks) and I was curious to find out what parts (if any) of the Tyrannocyte that you would look to paint with the green theme. I'm looking at converting the two I will be fielding and would appreciate any thoughts/input.

    1. I'd probably just do a gradient fade up from the bottom, covering the tips of the tendrils and just the underside of the body.

    2. Thanks! I'll give that a try and post a shot of how I get on.