Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WIP: Ultramarines Veteran Squads Complete

Wrapped up a couple veterans squads before 8th edition arrives.

More progress on my veterans. Slow and infrequent due to lack of desire to paint marines, but done none-the-less. (no, I will not be getting the new starter - I don't need to paint more marines... ever)

Still, I love the look of the white helmets on the blue armor. I decided to paint the right shoulder pauldrons and weapons white as well, to set them apart from the main force. I wanted to kit them with more unique combi weapons, but only one came in the basic marine kit, so I had to bash a few multi-meltas together.

I'll run these as two, five man squads. The Sgt. with the red helmet is the first Space Marine Sgt. I've ever done with a helmet on. A hallmark of my army has been that all leaders are bare faced. But I couldn't pass up the chance to paint the red helmet against the blue armor, as seen on the cover of the previous codex!



  1. Lovely work! Nice addition with the white pauldron

  2. LOVE the gold-trimmed white components on the weapons. Gives them a super classy, premium/rare relic look. Stealing it!