Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WIP: fortress scenery

"Terrain is the third army on the table."

Four and a half years.

That's how long it has taken me to get around to finishing these. I grabbed a piece of Styrofoam off the loading dock at work nearly five years ago, thinking it would make excellent fortress walls, and have only now started building them.

A quick cut on the bandsaw and some foam core and glue later, and they were ready for paint. Three coats of art store acrylic paint made a solid base, and then I dry-brushed the edges for contrast.

I used the airbrush to add shading to the recesses and painted the ground as well. Small touch-ups with a brush finished everything off.

Creating line-of-sight blocking terrain is actually something on my 2016 resolutions list. Looking forward to using these in games with the newly released 8th edition rules!



  1. Sweet! Love scenery made from trash, I have a few bits made from Noodle Pots or Cake trays.

  2. nice. came out pretty good. Now to finish that forest piece I started for my Kroot 3 years ago...

  3. with 8th ed rules you can create a monster maze now! Cool.