Thursday, July 12, 2018

WIP: Astra Militarum Valkyrie complete

Work complete!

Wrapped this up just a few days after fixing my massive mistake. A few thoughts;

1. I should have built and painted in larger sub assemblies. I spent HOURS working on the door gunners for this model, and you literally cannot see them. Unbelievably stupid on my part. There are so many demands on my time that I can't afford to waste it. That's 8+ hours that should have been spent on something else.

2. I wish GW made it easier to make the weapons swappable. I wanted to use both sets of missiles on this build, but couldn't find a way to magnetize either option cleanly, so I just glued in the pods. The lascanon / multilaser on the cockpit sponson took some doing, but it swaps.



  1. Sweet paintjob Trip, at least you know they are there... I painted my first Landraider interior.... the next four got glued shut...

  2. Nice ride! Congrats on the results...tough journey but that machine look excellent.