Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Discussion: Kill Team is exactly the game I needed

Finally, a Warhammer game for dads.

I played Warhammer in 5th, 6th and 7th editions, but never played often enough, or became familiar enough with the rules for a 1,500pt game to be shorter than 4 hours. Games became affairs where Deet and I spent as long looking thru multiple books for rules as we did moving models around a table-- and as long as you're drinking scotch and having fun, that's fine.

Until you have kids.

When you're a new parent, a block of time that large is a VERY rare commodity. Generally, you have to maneuver weeks in advance; making sure you have no pre-arranged playdates or social functions with your family (you'd be surprised how quickly your weekends get booked up) negotiate with your spouse to watch the children (a debt you'll have to repay at a future date) and coordinate with friends to maximize the small window of leisure you've created...

And once you get that time to yourself, you realize there are SO MANY things you could do with it besides play army men-- like, for instance, go to the movies for the first time since your son was born 4 years ago...

But, as I touched on in my unboxing review, Kill Team is so smart as a product. You can buy the rules for $40 and make a team using models you already own. Don't have models? A team can be made from a single kit for around $35. Always wanted to paint a certain faction but didn't want to start another massive, expensive army? Buy a single box of the models you've always wanted to paint and scratch that itch! The terrain is interlocking and modular - you can rearrange your ruins for a different layout every game without buying additional kits. The play area is small and can be set up quickly on a kitchen table - and then put away like a board game - you don't need a massive, dedicated 4' x 6' space.

And here's the kicker; it can be played in 30 minutes. It's fast. It's fun. Even when you are getting your ass kicked, you know it's gonna be over in a few minutes and you can start again. I can pop over to the shop on a saturday afternoon and get a single game in and be home in less than 2 hours - travel included.


So, here's to actually playing Warhammer again - albeit a smaller, bite-sized version.



  1. Excellent, great to find something that fits and means we’ll still see new Squads (Kill Teams) here occasionally?!

    1. I've put together some interesting teams and they'll definitely be featured on the site.

  2. I hear you man. I have a three year old daughter and finding time for wargaming can be a tough task. Luckily I've always enjoyed a quick skirmish more than a full blown apocalypse.

  3. As a father of 4 (ages 7 to 3 months), I can relate to this post haha. And I completely agree with you on Kill Team!