Tuesday, August 20, 2019

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 11: Hellblasters Complete!

We forge ahead by tackling the Hellblasters.

With the intercessors complete, I moved on to the Hellblasters. There are only five in the kit, and using the same techniques as the Intercessors, they painted up quickly.

The monopose models are all a bit too similar for my taste, and I wish more of them were aiming their weapons, but it's what we've got.

Stacking the decals on the shoulder was fun. I'd never done that before.

Our Power level:
Azriel: 9
Belial: 8
Captain in Gravis armor: 7
Apothecary: 4
Interrogator Chaplain: 6
Ancient: 4
Lieutenants: 10
Intercessor Squad 1: 5
Intercessor Squad 2: 5
Hellblasters Squad: 8
Inceptors: 10
Deathwing Squad 1: 13
Deathwing Squad 2: 13
Deathwing Squad 3: 13
Deathwing Squad 4: 13
Deathwing Knights: 12
Deathwing Chaplain: 6
Deathwing Champion: 6
Deathwing Ancient: 7
Deathwing Apothecary: 4
Deathwing Librarian: 8
Total: 171

Our expense so far:
Dark Imperium Primaris Marines: $78
Shattered Dominion Bases: $12 (sold unused 60mm bases for $20)
Deathwing Box: $51
Dark Vengeance Deathwing: $18
Used Terminators: $7
Oyamaru: $8
Greenstuff: $8
Apothecary: Gifted
Interrogator Chaplain $35
Primaris Chaplain $30
Deathwing Command $51
Primaris Librarian $35
Finecast Astorath the Grim: $15
Hero Base: $8 (sold unused bases for $25)
Used Terminators : $7
Current Tally: $364


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  1. Great, but you’ll need another five for the table, the poseable Set is better for those on aim, and facing ten with a Lt, Capt, Apothecary and Ancient boosting them is a formidable castle! Don’t miss and don’t die!