Tuesday, August 6, 2019

SHOWCASE: Deathwing Army

The 1st company ready for battle!

This whole Dark Angels thing started as a Primaris army - I swear! But, having seen the Deathwing Knights in the codex, there was no way I wasn't going to make some of those, and well... I got kinda carried away.

But finally, the Deathwing is complete! Our 1st Company consists of:

A Librarian
A Chaplain
An Ancient
A Company Champion
An Apothecary
One Squad of Deathwing Knights
Four Squads of Deathwing Terminators

As noted in our work in progress post, Belial (which is, apparently pronounced, Bel Lee Al, and not Beh Lyle) is a build from the plastic Deathwing kit. "Kitbash"might be the proper word here, over "conversion", as he just uses the Sgt. parts minus the wings. I'm especially happy with the cape, and the decal on the back.

The Librarian is also created from the Deathwing kit, but uses the Primaris Librarian head, harness and open casting hand. The stave uses a bit from some Imperial kit where the flail would be.

The Chaplain uses the Interrogator Chaplain head and codpiece, the halo from the Primaris Chaplain, and a kitbashed Crozius using bits from a generic Terminator kit. Needs more purity seals, tho...

The Ancient's banner was great fun to paint. It's well enough now, but I'm sure I'll go back in at some point and detail the wings and the rocks, just to get a little more "pop" out of it.

The Company Champion was built using a robed body, a helmeted head, and the Halberd of Caliban included in the kit specifically for him. Made the mistake of assembling him, and getting to the details on his robe was a real pain in the ass.

The Apothecary isn't anything special, but I used a recess wash of Guilliman Blue glaze and Lahmian medium instead of nuln oil to give him a lighter, cleaner finish. Decided to make his entire armor white, instead of just the helmet and narthecium arm, as shown on the package, because, well... apothecary.

The Knights were fun to assemble, but the details took forever to complete. I'm not super happy about the highlight blending on the robes, but, eh... I needed them to be done.

As detailed before, The Deathwing squads were built using parts from the kit, as well as some generic Terminators rescued from eBay. We've got two plasma cannons and two cyclone launchers (only because I didn't have four plasma cannons!)

And that's my Deathwing Army. It can be fielded as two Vanguard Detachments:

Company Champion
Company Ancient
Deathwing Knights

Four Squads of Terminators

Let's look at the power level and cost.

Power level:
Belial: 8
Deathwing Chaplain: 6
Deathwing Champion: 6
Deathwing Ancient: 7
Deathwing Apothecary: 4
Deathwing Librarian: 8
Deathwing Knights: 12
Deathwing Squad 1: 13
Deathwing Squad 2: 13
Deathwing Squad 3: 13
Deathwing Squad 4: 13
Total: 103

Deathwing Box X2: $102
Dark Vengeance Deathwing: $18
Used Terminators: $14
Shattered Dominion Bases: $12 (sold unused 60mm bases for $20)
Oyamaru: $8
Greenstuff: $8
Current Tally: $162

So for $162 we got a 103 power level Deathwing Army! Not bad.



  1. Well, your painting skills haven't atrophied. Super smooth and detailed. You going to tackle some vehicles?

  2. Amazing to see this project all come together. Brilliant!