Tuesday, August 27, 2019

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 12: Primaris Lieutenants

What's a primaris force without a Lieutenant or six?

I kid. Obviously it's a bit meme-y at this point, but GW does make a LOT of these guys. I mean, did the starter kit really need two?!

I'm painting these up using the technique I mentioned before - fast and easy. A base coat. A zenithal highlight. A very bright dry brush. A heavy wash to knock everything back. A medium air brush pass over select areas like the shoulders and knees, and then some minor edge highlights.

I've swapped one head with a robed one from the deathwing kit, and had to create a custom robed head using green stuff for the other. (gotta keep our theme)

I'll finish the details and apply decals to finish these off soon.

Our Power level:
Azriel: 9
Belial: 8
Captain in Gravis armor: 7
Apothecary: 4
Interrogator Chaplain: 6
Ancient: 4
Lieutenants: 10
Intercessor Squad 1: 5
Intercessor Squad 2: 5
Hellblasters Squad: 8
Inceptors: 10
Deathwing Squad 1: 13
Deathwing Squad 2: 13
Deathwing Squad 3: 13
Deathwing Squad 4: 13
Deathwing Knights: 12
Deathwing Chaplain: 6
Deathwing Champion: 6
Deathwing Ancient: 7
Deathwing Apothecary: 4
Deathwing Librarian: 8
Total: 171

Our expense so far:
Dark Imperium Primaris Marines: $78
Shattered Dominion Bases: $12 (sold unused 60mm bases for $20)
Deathwing Box: $51
Dark Vengeance Deathwing: $18
Used Terminators: $7
Oyamaru: $8
Greenstuff: $8
Apothecary: Gifted
Interrogator Chaplain $35
Primaris Chaplain $30
Deathwing Command $51
Primaris Librarian $35
Finecast Astorath the Grim: $15
Hero Base: $8 (sold unused bases for $25)
Used Terminators : $7
Current Tally: $364


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  1. Great stuff! Love the hoods added to the model. I've got my own Dark Angels Primaris on the go at the moment. Hopefully they see some of the new codex love soon.