Tuesday, September 17, 2019

MASSIVE space marine auction!

That's a lot of dudes.

Readers might remember the gigantic space marine lot I won at auction this time last year. I intended to strip and repaint them, chronicling the whole experience, then realized that I didn't have the time or desire to do that with Primaris marines leading the future of the hobby.

I DID, however, take the terminators and transform them into Deathwing, though.

The rest are up on the auction block this week. And despite the temptation, I did NOT decide to use the land speeders (tornado & typhoon) and bikes to start a Ravenwing - but you can!

Dark Angels not your thing? Awaiting the arrival of the Ravenguard supplement with baited breath? How about some assault marines at rock-bottom prices? (each of those is a separate link)

Or maybe scouts? With sniper rifles? Or OOP metal, if that's your thing?

I know! A command squad! That'll do the trick! Raided the bits box for this one, as it was in very bad shape (nearly unrecognizable, really) - even custom kitbashed the narthecium.

Of course, if you're into metal, I've got you covered; how about an OOP metal captain? Or an apothecary? Chaplain? Techmarine? Sgt? 3rd edition terminator librarian?

Need to add some punch? We've got devastators with metal weapons! (didn't even know these were a thing)

Okay, what you're really here for is the image from the header - that insane mass of tactical marine goodness. Crazy, innit? fifty-one marines starting at less than $2 each. That lot I bought really did have everything.

Lastly, if you're looking for painted Ultramarines, the last few units from my old army are still available. The terminator captain and the veterans.

Happy bidding!


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  1. A hearty THANK YOU to all my bidders! All but 3 items sold, almost tripling the money I had invested in the original lot.

    I get to restore things, and make money, and players get units in almost new condition at low prices.

    it's a WIN, WIN, WIN situation!