Tuesday, September 10, 2019

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 13: Gravis Master & Ancient

Sub-assemblies for days...

In an effort to complete these Primaris models quickly, I promised myself not to use sub-assemblies. I attached the arms on the Intercessors and Hellblasters, chest Aquilas be damned! (and they were a bitch to paint without messing up the rest of the model)

But these two? There was no getting around it - sub-assemblies were required if I was going to make a decent effort on them.

I kept the ancient in two parts - the banner and everything else. Dry brushing the left side of the mini would have been impossible with the banner in the way - so I left it off. I used an airbrush to ensure a smooth finish over the large flat shapes.

I masked the edges and applied the chapter color to the banner. Once the mask was removed, it looked like this; not a bad start!

Then I laid down base colors on all the details. I used a light grey wherever I planned on painting white, as it makes for easier coverage (fewer coats).

After the base colors were down, I applied washes to the recesses, and then put a gloss coat anywhere I planned on placing a decal. (you can see my tutorial HERE)

Once the decals were placed, I used a .01mm technical pen to write on the banner, and then I glued the banner to the model and prepped it for matte finish.

The Master was in four parts; Body, cape, backpack and head. I learned long ago that there's no way to paint the underside of cape properly if it's already glued on.

Sharp eyes will notice I've customized the pose to lower the sword, and have trimmed the gravis armor around the head to remove the "crown" and open the area for a hooded head from the Deathwing kit.

Our Power level:
Azriel: 9
Belial: 8
Captain in Gravis armor: 7
Apothecary: 4
Interrogator Chaplain: 6
Ancient: 4
Lieutenants: 10
Intercessor Squad 1: 5
Intercessor Squad 2: 5
Hellblasters Squad: 8
Inceptors: 10
Deathwing Squad 1: 13
Deathwing Squad 2: 13
Deathwing Squad 3: 13
Deathwing Squad 4: 13
Deathwing Knights: 12
Deathwing Chaplain: 6
Deathwing Champion: 6
Deathwing Ancient: 7
Deathwing Apothecary: 4
Deathwing Librarian: 8
Total: 171

Our expense so far:
Dark Imperium Primaris Marines: $78
Shattered Dominion Bases: $12 (sold unused 60mm bases for $20)
Deathwing Box: $51
Dark Vengeance Deathwing: $18
Used Terminators: $7
Oyamaru: $8
Greenstuff: $8
Apothecary: Gifted
Interrogator Chaplain $35
Primaris Chaplain $30
Deathwing Command $51
Primaris Librarian $35
Finecast Astorath the Grim: $15
Hero Base: $8 (sold unused bases for $25)
Used Terminators : $7
Current Tally: $364