Wednesday, March 23, 2022

WIP: Completing Tau Drones (9 years later)


Took a while for these reinforcements to arrive.

Was tired of painting marines, and found these in a box of half started projects. The shielded missile drones belong to a Riptide I completed in 2014 (which also received a new, smaller head). Apparently, I used the drone bodies in a stingray conversion I did years ago, so I made due with regular drone bodies from the bits bin.

The Recon drone was actually started in 2013, and belongs to a pathfinder squad I completed in that same year. No idea if it's worth fielding; the last time I played Tau was in sixth edition.

I always airbrush my white to keep a smooth, even coat. The GW white paints are notoriously chalky and lumpy when brushed on. They were then pin-washed and weathered using a sponge.

With these three drones, every Tau model I own is painted. (thought that's not changed since this photo in 2014)


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  1. nice! you still have all those? I think you might actually have more painted Tau stuff than me at this point. In fact, I'm sure you do