Friday, June 3, 2022

WIP: Blood Angels Army - Part 4: Indomitus Chaplain

Do you have a few moments to talk about our lord and savior, the Emperor of Mankind?

Finished up the chaplain from the Indomitus set over the weekend. Unlike the bikers, eradicators and assault intercessors from this kit, our chaplain has become a son of Sanguinius. My Dark Angels force already contains an interrogator chaplain, a terminator chaplain and a chaplain on a bike, so I think they're covered. Time for the space vampires to get religion too.

To begin, I primed the model black, and applied a zenithal highlight of stormhost silver using my air brush. Once that was dry, I applied contrast basillicanum grey over the entire model with a brush. This knocked back the silver, and filled the recesses increasing the contrast and detail.

Once the armor was finished, I painted the tabard. A base of vallejo bloody red with dark elf flesh in the recesses, edge highlighted with trollslayer orange.

I masked off the shoulder using poster tack and sprayed Angron red clear over the silver to match my Blood Angels bladeguard.

I then base coated all the gold areas with beasty brown. This ensures that the golds will have a warm tone, and helps them cover the black and silver underneath.

When that was dry, I applied Gehenna's gold and shaded it with reikand fleshshade gloss. Once the shade was dry, I highlighted the gold with auric armor gold and hit the sharpest points with stormhost silver.

I painted the heavy bolt pistol red, and finished the gold details as I'd done everywhere else. The handle of the crozius was painted red and then shaded using agrax earthshade. Highlights were painted using red and trollslayer orange.

I then painted all the bone and parchment using a base of khaki, followed by layers of ushabti bone. The skull was then shaded with contrast skeleton horde and then highlighted with ushabti bone and white. Purity seals were shaded with agrax earthshade and highlighted with ushabti bone and white.


I then painted the purity seals using vallejo magenta and the discontinued shade, leviathan purple. Touch-ups were done using screamer pink. 

I put a drop of Angron clear in each eye, and when that dried, a tiny touch of white. I then painted his tactical rock white to match the marble theme of the army. I worked up from administratum grey, as covering black with white is very difficult. When the white was dry, I applied a thinned wash of drakenhoff nightshade to bring out the recesses.

As a final step, I applied the chapter decal to the left shoulder pauldron. You can follow my tutorial HERE for three easy steps to perfect, painted-on looking decals.

But I FORGOT to apply gloss varnish, and when I used the decal softener, THIS happened. Angron clearcoat does NOT like decal softener, apparently.

Don't be like me. Follow the tutorial. I got excited to finish, missed a step and it set me back 2 hours. I had to spot strip the model with a Q-tip, mask everything off again, repaint it, and then varnish it.

I then reapplied the decal. Seems a small part of it on the left broke away, but at this point, fuck it. I can't be bothered to do this a third time. (No golden demon for me, I guess)

Our chaplain is complete! Now I just need a suitable base to put him on. I have been eyeing 3D printers for a while now...



  1. Gorgeous! I see you have a hate/hate relationship with decals, same as me.

  2. Yikes, I've never had decal softener remove paint like that before. Sorry to see hear of it! No matter the cost, though, the project came out fantastic! Very cool model.

  3. D'oh!
    Man, you get much better results with the Citadel metallics than I ever could. Maybe I just got a few bad pots, but they never go on nicely. The Vallejo alcohol metallics though...