Thursday, March 9, 2023

SHOWCASE: Salamanders Eradicators

Well those came together pretty quickly.

It’s been a couple weeks since I started serious work on this unit, but there were a lot of days where I couldn’t get any painting in. Working from home several days a week really makes a difference. I’m able to slap paint on for 5 min here and there, or edge highlight while I’m waiting for my stuff to come up in a meeting. 

I also think there’s something to be said for basing early. Something about seeing a fun base on the mini makes the finish line feel closer and makes it easier to power through. Speaking of bases, I had fun with these. I’ve been making subtle tweaks to my process, trying to get it exactly right. But having the general plan established is giving me the freedom to experiment on new things. I decided I wanted some still-burning coals on this one (below) and updated the charcoal process with a white underpaint and then some fire colors down into the recesses. It’s odd- it looks fantastic for a day or two and then it kind of gets dull and I have to put paint down again to get the saturation up. I wonder if maybe the charcoal is soaking up paint? Might have to try sealing it next time before painting. Regardless I think it’s fun and I’ll definitely sprinkle that in here and there on future minis.

So thats my third finished squad, plus a Company Ancient. 12 minis in 2.5 months. I know that’s not setting any records, but that’s really good for me. I’m definitely picking up speed on those slow tasks like edging. Hand/brush control are coming back. Still having fun.

Up next, a little break from the green. I’ve got a biker chaplain ready to rock. Might throw together an ATV too just to maximize my time while I’ve got the airbrush out. Really a pain to set that up each time. I’ll also throw a matte varnish over everything I’ve painted so far, and that will help even out some of the inconsistent surfaces and protect the models moving forward.

Until next time…



  1. so great to have you back in the game!

  2. yeah man. Trying not to burn myself out this time. breaking up hobby time and time doing other fun stuff. Having my hobby table 12" away from my work computer is helpful to keep progress going though! Let's hope they don't move us back in office full time

  3. ooh, man, I need to recalibrate my monitors. These guys are looking super hot on this screen.