Friday, August 15, 2014

SHOWCASE: Tyranid Exocrine

The monster mash continues unabated with a small gallery of my Exocrine!

Sorry for the delay in the post today. I had the chance to get a game in with Deet, and with the kid coming next month, I wanted to take advantage while I still had some measure of free time.

I completed this exocrine shortly after my haruspex in february, but never got around to photographing it until now. It's a bit of a cheat, as the model is simply a magnetization swap - but really, I run it as an exocrine in the living artillery node formation 99% of the time.

It was a fun kit to assemble and paint, and I'm thankful that it was easy to magnetize, allowing use of both creatures. Most of my bio-weapons are grey with green for poison, but I couldn't bring myself to paint a large grey cannon on the front of this thing - it needed something that popped! So I used a fleshtone blended into my poison green to make it stand out.

Have you painted an exocrine? Prefer the haruspex? tell us why in the comments below.



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    1. funny how that goes. Gorgeous model, right?

    2. And lo, our comments section was a barren and rocky place, in which few dared venture.