Monday, August 11, 2014

SHOWCASE: Tyranid Tyrannofex

A gallery of the first monstrous creature I ever painted.

I completed the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit shortly after I entered the hobby. Not only was it the first large model I built, but given that I didn't yet own an airbrush, I painted it by hand.

Thankfully, the vallejo paints went on quickly and covered the surface evenly, creating a great finish.

I magnetized the model's head and front limb sockets, so I could play it as either the Tervigon or Tyrannofex. Although I ran it as a Tervigon almost exclusively during 6th edition, once the newest codex dropped, I have played it only as a Tyrannofex.



  1. Really love the purples here. Makes for a very unique and wicked looking model.

    I've found the default Tyrannofex with the torrent flamer and adrenal glands to be a standout. Does quite a lot of damage and is very resilient!

    1. Agreed. Startling to see a default build be so useful!