Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP: Grey Knights Stormraven

Super excited to be working on a vehicle again.  It's really more my style to spend a lot of time on one model than try to make a whole squad pretty.  This is a complicated model to build and paint, but it's coming along great.

Last week I showed my first progress on my newly unboxed Stormraven when I showed you how I go about drilling out all 30 barrels on this crazy thing. This model is certainly not up to GW's most recent standards, but the tools are still in decent shape so cleanup and assembly hasn't been too bad. I decided I wanted to paint the inside on this one. Why?  I don't know. I've never once opened any of my Devilfish/Hammerheads. There's just so much detail in there it felt like a crime to not paint it. The model was certainly not designed with assembly order and painting in mind though. I assembled as much of the interior as I could to minimize the number of individual parts while keeping my brush angles open.  I really should have figured out how I was going to handle magnetizing my side doors/gun sponsons at this point, but I was impatient and wanted to see some paint.

I went to start painting, set the model down on my chair while I covered up my computer and set up my spray booth, and promptly sat on my model.  Freaking moron.

Fixing that wasn't too hard, but pretty annoying that I had to do it at all. Re-glue the broken joints. Little bit of putty to cover the big crack I made under the rear door. Then I primed the model interior and preshaded it.  Finally hit everything with a light coat of Ushabti Bone. I purposely kept it light so that more of the preshading would show through, and knowing that I was going to be hitting everything with a lot of dirt and grime shortly anyway.  The ceiling is the only part that got painted pretty cleanly as it would receive the least amount of weathering.

With the base colors down and looking good, I moved on to painting the details.  All the wires and a few buttons went black, as did the winch cables over the door as an undercoat.  The screens were all based in Vallejo Sick Green.  Finally, I painted the seats and what will eventually be gold details in Rhinox Hide.

Lots to do, but I'm having fun! Anyone have a recommendation on doors and sponsons?  I want to be able to see inside so I kind of want to keep them openable, but for that I probably should magnetize now before I move any farther.



  1. Hey Deet,

    I don't know if you would find this useful, but a fellow blogger just did a tutorial on hinging doors on an IG tank.

    Something similar might work for the storm raven.

    I once sat on someone's battle foam they left on my seat...with models in place...I caught myself as I was sitting, and the damage was minor, but it was one of the worst feelings ever.

    1. Thanks Greg. I've thought about hinges, but I'd have to make them from scratch and then add them on. It's not like the side doors on a Devilfish where there's a sculpted hinge that you could actually drill out. The tiny little hinges sculpted on these doors are purely decorative. Way too tiny. If I did that though, I could probably just carve out the back of the gun sponson to fit over the door and hinge and just magnetize it all. Hmm.

    2. Hrm...they are about rhino sized aren't they? If you weren't going to use the hurricane bolters, you could have one open, with a marine hanging out, or something suitably cool.

    3. Oh man, that just makes me think of a Vietnam Huey style dude leaning on a 50 cal out the side door. How freaking cool would that be? Get to thee choppa!

  2. Deet: crusher of souls. breaker of dreams

  3. That's my demon name: Buttox: the Doombringer