Monday, August 18, 2014

WIP: Necron Army

So THIS happened over the weekend. Thus starts army number four. (five?) Is there a 12 step program for this?

Who wants $300 worth of Necrons for $160? I do! I DO! Oh, craigslist, I love you! 

I've been circling the Necrons since I bought my Tau in the spring of 2013. It was a choice between Tau and Necrons, and despite choosing the greater good, I've never taken an envious eye off the lost dynasties.

With rumors of an updated codex circulating, and a rare deal like this on craigslist, I figured now was as good a time as any. So, after a late night meeting in an empty parking lot that had me thinking I was being set up for a kidney theft, I came away with the goods.

Unlike my first two armies that I purchased piecemeal, that suffer from cool models with crap rules, I planned this Necron force like my Tau force - after reading tons of blogs and FAQs. Let's open the boxes up and look inside.

Catacomb command barge! A well packed sprue with great efficiency. I'm excited to build this, and I hope I can magnetize it to be both options. A quick look at the instructions make me think it's completely do-able. VERY excited about the plastic lord that's included with the kit! Because fuck finecast. Utter shite.

On to the battelforce! Definitely an old school sprue for the warriors. Look at all that wasted space. Crazy inefficient. Whoever designed this needs a slap.

Completely different story on the deathmarks/immortals. That is a tightly packed, efficient use of space on the sprue. Not sure how I'm gonna build these guys, as both options are solid. I have two sets, so I suppose I could do one of each.

Holy lord. I've read that the doomsday ark/ghost ark is one of the trickiest models to assemble and paint, and these sprues have me worried...

...and these "instructions" sure aren't helping. Look at this thing! It's not a booklet, but a massive, fold-out poster. Where's the start point? Why are there pictures and and instruction for BOTH builds right next to each other on the same side of the poster? Why are there two "step 2"s?! Worst. Instructions. Ever. Seriously.

Hey, look, a transfer sheet! It sure is filled with cool symbols and design elements... that will fit exactly where, on your model that has sculptural details on every surface? Some of the longer shapes are awesome, but seriously, where are these supposed to go?

Still, excited about this new army, and looking forward to building and painting.



  1. Color me jealous. Love that Necron look. Don't have my ally chart close by, but I assume we can team up? Xenos FTW.

  2. Excellent start to a necron force!

    Just a note, Necron's are about to be updated, and some of the hints of their rule changes might change your overall army structure. (tesla unable to snap shot for example).

    I'd err on the side of caution in purchasing too many duplicate units until more info is available. Nothing worse then building an army to play with a fun list, to have said list completely obliterated by rule changes!

  3. The Ark is great fun to build. I painted mine after I built it which was a total pain the arse but I couldn't wait that long to play with it. I ended up removing the warriors to do them properly but its still tricky. With your standard of painting (and patience), you might think of actually following the instructions i.e. paint before assembly

  4. The arks are great kits, but be prepared for them to torque either one way or another. I painted, then assembled 4 of them, and not one came out with a straight keel. See my blog (musingsofametalmind@blogspot) for details.

    To double your fun, order extra hull bits and magnets so you can double them as both Doomsday and Ghost variants.

    1. thanks for the warning about the arks - and the excellent blog link! Your stuff looks great!