Monday, October 13, 2014

WIP: Necron Army - Part 4: The Ghost Ark

Work Begins on the vehicle included in the battleforce box, and more in-progress pics of the squads.

Having set my color schemes for the Warriors, Immortals and Deathmarks, I set about finishing the remaining models in the box. Painting a test model is one thing, finishing fifteen of them to make a squad is another.

The warriors are coming along nicely. I've only to paint the weapons black and add the rods and caps to complete them. (again, I'm not counting the bases here, as I haven't decided what theme I will use, but can complete the entire army's bases in a single afternoon)

Fortunately there are far fewer of the immortals to worry about. I'm working on completing the remaining 4 models by painting the details like they eyes and chest emblems. the tubes are proving to be tricky, given how thin the green paint is - it's taking several coats for each.

Lastly, The deathmarks are in progress. I'm happy that I painted this elite unit in a different color scheme to set them apart from the main force. It helps to break up the sea of silver and yellow. I did something similar with my Tau Pathfinders.

I FINALLY got around to starting on the vehicle. After reading a lot of feedback online, I decided to build the ghost ark, as opposed to the doomsday ark. Seems like the big gun on the doomsday just isn't as impressive as it should be, and given that it's on a skimmer platform, can be wrecked pretty easily.

I'd heard that the model was ruthlessly complicated, and my first impression of the instructions wasn't exactly encouraging, but once I got to clipping and building the sub assemblies, it really wasn't bad at all. Definitely smart to keep this one in smaller parts while painting, though.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I'll get some paint on the ark this week, and will make a choice on the bases.



  1. I'd consider magnetizing the ghost ark. Though the gun isn't very impressive right now, it could be after a codex revamp.