Friday, October 31, 2014

WIP: I need a name for my Chaos Warband

Painting a Chaos army was something I had always wanted to do but really never found it suited what I wanted to paint.  That is, until I read The Talon of Horus.  In my opinion it's one of the best 40K novels thus far.  It's essentially about the inception of the Black Crusades, and what happened to Abaddon after the Heresy.  10,000 years later, perhaps some of the message was lost, but Abaddon makes it sound like he has - or at least 'had' - noble intentions.

I found this really cool Fallen Dark Angels pic where he looks a bit Chaos-y, as if he's inching towards Daemonhood.  I really like it, and I am not a fan of the First Legion.

Reading Talon of Horus and seeing that image made me want to paint a small Chaos Warband with some traitor Blood Angels as the core of this unit.  In a recent WIP post I had written a tidbit of background for a couple of my Blood Angels.  The sergeant of my tac squad was promoted to the Sanguinary Guard while his brother had risen to take his place.  However, the Sanguinary Guard turned out to be a latent psyker which caused him to flip sides.

What I wanted to do with this Warband was to come up with a name that reflected the nobility of the Blood Angels but in a manner that would twist it in mockery.

A few name ideas:
Seraphs of Blood
Prophets of Baal
Anamnesis of the Angel

And so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm very open to them.

Leading this warband is said Sanguinary Guard who has ascended to Daemon Prince after sealing dark pacts with the Ruinous Powers.

Balberith - Grand Duke of <insert Warband name>

I was trying to think of ways he could resemble a Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard, so this is the current WIP.  The gold armor has started to meld with his red flesh but his wings remain feathered like his Primarch, only twisted black.

The individual who corrupted him, a close associate of his who long surrendered himself to Chaos, in service to Slaanesh.  Leventh, a former Blood Angels Assault Marine long ago committed himself to the Dark Prince, but is quite jealous that the friend he turned has ascended before him.  

I've got a few more Chaos dudes laying around that I'm working on, including a box of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines, a Chaos Sorcerer, and a metal Abaddon. The guy on the far right is going to be a Librarian Terminator that Leventh and Balberith took with them.  His armor is going to be of ancient design, resembling that of the ancient Cataphractii armor from the Great Crusade.  The Librarian basically stole it from the deepest vaults on Baal before absconding with it and joining up with the rest of the Warband.

And just a few more WIPs

Minotaurs Dreadnought Hecaton Anakletos

Using the new plastic Libarian kit, I swapped out the arms for the Sevrin Loth Force Axe and converted a missile launcher arm to be palm-forward.  The helmet is from a Forge World Emperor's Children Palatine Blades kit.

Next to him is my Blood Angels Praetor, going to be a captain in the First Company for my Heresy/30K IX Legion army.

Couple Grey Knights
Left:  Grey Knights Grand Master.  Haven't decided which Brotherhood yet
Right:  Greay Knights Brotherhood Champion.  Took an Emperor's Champion model and threw on a Stormbolter, an Iron Halo, painted it silver and called it a night. 

Taghmata Omnissiah 
For my 30K Army, a Mechanicum Magos Dominus with a Rad-Cleanser. 


  1. Great models and paint jobs. No idea on the chaos warband name. Probably look to metal bands for ideas. Death Punchers!

  2. I second the "Death Punchers". LOL