Saturday, October 11, 2014

SHOWCASE: Blood Angels 2nd Company

I recently found in my closet a completely unopened Blood Angels Battleforce, Space Marines Command Squad, and a few other unopened kits.  I have no recollection where they came from, when I got them, or how I ended up forgetting about them (I once bought the Macragge boxed set and there was a Command Squad sprue included in it accidentally.  Score!).  So needless to say, I dove in with reckless glee and thought I'd share some of the results.

Please forgive me for another tardy post, two weeks in a row.  I recently changed jobs to join the production team of Star Citizen and we held a pretty big (relatively) event last night, CitizenCon (though the name does sound a bit...shady), so I'm still recovering from running on copious amounts of adrenaline, seratonin, dopamine, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.  All in varying amounts depending on what day it was this week.

With this set of models, I wanted to try and include as much detail as possible.  They may not be the cleanest paint jobs but I felt like there was a lot more personal investment into them because I tried injecting personalty into each model.  As I was painting them, I was coming up with stories about every single member of this force.  Starting with the Librarian.

Epistolary Incarnadael, Prophet of the Bloody Skies
He is the only model who isn't made from bits from this newly discovered treasure trove.  However, he IS made wholly from spare bits I had laying around.  The body, legs and staff are from the Grey Knights Strike Squad kit.  The Infernus Pistol is from the Death Company sprue.  The jump pack is from the Assault Marines sprue and the head is a Dark Angels hooded helmet - I wanted to go for that sort of martial monk thing.  The skull shoulder pad is from Chapterhouse Studios since I wanted something that was more Librarian-esque.

Instead of the normal Ultramarine-ish blue that Librarians normally sport, I wanted to do something a bit more stark and make him stand out.  I really like the scheme and think I'll probably paint all my Librarians like this going forward.

Paint scheme:
Base coat: Kantor Blue
Wash: Drakkehnhof Nightshade
First edge: Macragge Blue
Second edge: Altdorf Blue
Final edge: Ice Blue (old Citadel color)

Company Champion Arcael
From the Command Squad kit, this is probably one of my favorite models because of how ornate the armor is.  I wanted to show off the blade so instead of using my usual blue-white NMM with my airbrush, I decided to do  purple.

One thing you'll also notice is that I painted in heat/exhaust on each jump pack.  I wanted it to look like their jump packs were primed and ready to take off at a moment's notice.

Paint scheme:
Base coat: Mephiston Red
Wash: Carroburg Crimson
First layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet
Second layer: Wild Rider Red
Edge: Fire Dragon Bright
Glaze:  Bloodletter

Base coat: Ceramite White
First blend:  50/50 Ceramite White/Naggaroth Night
Second blend: 30/70 Ceramite White/Naggaorth Night
Final blend: Naggaroth Night
Wow that all rhymed

Assualt Squad Seraphus - 2nd Company - 1st Squad
This squad I want to use as a foremost vanguard strike in my assault units.  They're going to be my first ones in and drop on to an opponent or assaulting out of a Stormraven/Land Raider/Whatever.

Sergeant Seraphus only recently ascended to command of the squad after the previous sergeant was promoted into the ranks of the Sanguinary Guard.  However, both former Sergeant and current one are identical twins and therefore share an interesting psychic bond that has caused the Chaplains to raise their eyebrows on more than one occasion.  If the Black Rage causes a Blood Angel to think he is Sanguinius fighting Horus, then it might be interesting to explore the shared bond between twins during that moment, no?  

I have some fluffy units that I'm painting to reflect this relationship.

Tactical Squad Dentalis - 2nd Company - 1st Squad
Ok this one was done a little tongue in cheek. Sergeant Dentalis - otherwise known as Sergeant Angry Teeth - had half his face blown off by a melta blast from a Black Legion Dreadnought.  The heat incidentally also bleached his teeth apparently and he has always been known to take pride in his pearly whites ever since.  Nothing increases the squad's morale more than Sgt Dentalis' toothy rage.

Any how, again please forgive me for the tardy post.  It's just been one hell of a ride this past 7 days.  I should have some Chaos-y goodness for next week.


  1. I've seen a few of these in person, and the photos aren't doing them justice. the small details on each model are painstakingly finished.