Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP: Aegis Defense Line

I've been stealing Trip's Aegis for over a year whenever we play.  It was well past time for me to get my own.

This project is already a few weeks in the making.  Been a little low on hobby time lately, but mostly it was the crap molds that held me back.  Well, that and video games. These parts really needed a lot of cleanup. The sprues hit all the parts right on that top cornered edge and often a second or third one on the side edges meaning every single part needed to be puttied and sanded multiple times. Annoying.  

Anyway. Thought I had photos on the steps up til now but apparently not.  It's vallejo dark blue grey base with a medium sea grey dry brush.  The gold is actually vallejo acrylic bronze, which I find is a better replacement for their alcohol old gold (that I used everywhere) than their acrylic old gold is. Neither are great matches, but the bronze at least has that ancient feel where the "old gold" feels like a cheap toy. The whole thing took a really dark turn after the oil wash, probably a little darker than I wanted but it'll lighten up with some edging.

You can also see on the one bottom length I did a test with some Modelmates rust on the metal edging.  It looked really fantastic but the oil wash blended it in a bit.  I'm excited where that will go now that the wash is dry and I can get back to it. I think it's going to look great as a battered and well used piece of field equipment. 

Hoping to have this finished off by the weekend and then maybe *gasp* play a game! I still haven't field my Stormraven for crap's sake.

Anyone have a line of metallics they like? I'm not happy with GW or either of Vallejo's offerings...



  1. The nice thing about this kit is that it can be used for a whole bunch of other things. I needed some scrap terrain pieces and these worked perfectly. I just stood them up in a row behind my car and backed up over them. Then stood them up again and drove forward. After painting them, they looked like they were strewn bits of ruin.

  2. Odd, I commented earlier and it didn't appear...

    Looking forward to having my Aegis back! Expect the return of Sgt. Telion!

  3. Darian knows ALL ABOUT telion, don't you?