Saturday, October 4, 2014

WIP: IX Legion Astartes - Blood Angels

Forgive me for the tardy post.  Changing jobs and the chaos involved had taken up more time than I had anticipated.

This entry started off as a showcase post, but after looking over my models realizing most of them were only 80-90% finished, I had decided to do a WIP post instead; especially after Wednesday's Grey Knights Stormraven  hotness post.  That's a tough one to follow.

My first exposure to what would eventually lead to my always 'chasing the resin dragon' and Forge World addiction was back when I worked in Customer Support on World of Warcraft so many years ago.  There were mumblings about a 40K MMO and someone had piped up saying "I hope they do it in the Horus Heresy."  I remember thinking, "what a lame name."

Fast forward a few years once I was elbow deep in Blood Angels, I decided to read up on this "Horus Heresy" thing.  I've never recovered since.

I made an Armies on Parade diorama for the 2012 AoP and had won my store's competition with a relatively Crusade-era display.  I ended selling it because it was right when Forge World announced they were pursuing a Heresy lineup of products.  So after I sold the display for a cool $5K, I dropped about half of that into paying off bills and the rest went to basically restarting my Blood Angels from scratch.  I'm now 16,000 points in just Forge World Blood Angels.  That doesn't include the myriad of still-shrink wrapped GW main products sitting in my closet.

Maybe I'll finish them all at some point, but it's definitely not in the near future as I just have way too much to paint.  And for some reason, after reading the recent 40K novel "Talon of Horus" (which I highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend) I've been feeling the urge to start up a traitor army.  Sanguinius would be so disappoint.

Anyway, before I ramble on any further, here's a very, very small collection of models I have painted thus far for my IX Legion army.

I've got quite a few units still that need photographing such as a Fellblade, several Heavy Support Squads with Volkite Culverin, Autocannons, and Plasma Cannons.  A Seeker Squad, two squads of Cataphractii Terminators, a squad of Tartarus Terminators, 3 Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 2x Spartan Assault Tanks, 1x Scorpius Whirlwind, 1x Deimos Rhino, 1x Deimos Vindicator, Storm Eagle, Fire Raptor, 60 Tac Marines, 40 Assault Marines, and Emperor knows what else.

Mechanicum units thus far:

Mechanicum Thallaxi Cohort

Magos Dominus

IX Legion Units

My fluff with him is that it's High Warden Berus entombed
 in a Dreadnought following the Siege of Terra.


  1. Whyyyyy? I'm trying very hard to resist the 30k temptation. I particularly love the Magos model. Those things are all pretty damn cool.

  2. Oh, forgeworld, you are one expensive habit.

  3. Nicely, done as always. How much of the points are "big" things, like the Fellblade?

  4. I'd say it's split pretty evenly. I don't have that many super heavies. Fellblade, Malcadors

    1. Sorry using the iPad app to comment is a pain. Have a couple Malcadors, a couple Knights, and Greg's Reaver Titan which I need to finish some day. I'm picking up a Thunderhawk this winter so I super excited for that. Been wanting one for years.