Monday, July 20, 2015

WIP: Necron Royal Court

Time to bring a little royal blood to the battle!

I bought my necrons before the new codex dropped, and purchased a box of Lychguard to convert to various Lords and Crypteks -- when they used to have access to unique staves and gear...

No sooner had I spent hours modeling and converting them, the new codex arrived and removed EVERY piece of gear I had custom crafted! Goddamnitsomuch.

But, during a recent codex re-read, I noted that with a few tweaks, three of them could be turned into named characters, and be brought as a Royal Court as part of my Decurion Detachment. Using the images in the codex as a guide, and keeping the pallets as shown (to create stand-out units in my mostly yellow army) I created Orikan the Diviner, Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron.

Orikan uses a preatorian torso and a modified staff of light to create his unique weapon, the Staff of Tomorrow. Because he is a master chronomancer, I gave him a gauntlet with a resurrection orb in it, by clipping the blades off of a void blade arm in the kit.

Zahndrekh was created using Lychguard parts, and by adding a cape using strips of plasticard, heated and bent to appear to be flowing. The cape was then adorned with decals to enhance.

His protector, Obyron, was created from similar parts, but I added only the ceremonial ribbons to the front of the character, and finished them with decals.

While they aren't prefect representations of the characters as available from GW, they had the benefit of already being in my bits bin - and they weren't finecast!



  1. I love your conversions. Sorry the codex revamp killed some of them, but it's nice to know you still get to use some of them!

  2. Hey, Amazing work here. how did you bend the plastic card? I tired hot water but wasn't enough and a open flame seems harsh..?