Friday, July 17, 2015

WIP: Alpha Legion Fiend...At Least Its Primed

I had big aspirations for getting my base coats down. Well, that didn't happen.

So it turns out that putty I used may not have been the greatest. Maybe too soon to pass judgement, but I didn't get the greatest results on the first attempt. After putting a coat of primer on I found plenty of spots that'll require some touch up.

So instead of glorious blue and desiccated flesh, I'm waiting for primer to completely dry so I can break out the sandpaper again. Crap.

Ordinarily I'd just plod forward, but something about this model makes me really want to do a good job on it. I'll try to get that going this weekend.



  1. Deet,
    Is there a particular sand paper you use?

    1. I actually mostly use emery boards, occasionally stolen from my girlfriend (*shhhh*). There's plenty of different grits available at your local drugstore. I like the kind with a foam center so there's just a little bit of give.