Friday, July 3, 2015

WIP: Maulerfiend Base

Magnets all done. Time to get this bad boy based and on to paint!

The Maulerfiend/Forgefiend combo makes for a pretty cool model kit, but all the options make having a really dynamic base a little tough. Good thing my magnets let me switch parts out quickly to check clearances.

First thing I did was to add some dimension. I'm getting a little bored of all these flat bases. Battlefields aren't flat, especially muddy ones like my Alphas are fighting in. I debated using Milliput but opted to place down some cardboard to build up quickly and without adding a lot of weight.

With that laid out, I started roughing out a brick wall for him to smash through with that big fist hand. Took lots of checking to find a place for it that didn't interfere with legs, lash whips, and guns. I did that with another piece of cardboard in place of the wall. Incidentally, here's another reason I love armature wire over paperclips to pin my models: it's meant to be bent repeatedly, and easily. That way I can do my base with the figure on it and then remove him again for painting!

Finally, I built up the glue and sand in layers to blend up over those cardboard corners.

Hulk Smash!

Next week, I'll fill out more of the empty space with rubble and razor wire. Happy 4th/ Good Riddance Day (for our friends across the pond)!



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    1. Super easy and fun to do. Those bricks might be my favorite scenery thing I've found.