Monday, September 8, 2014

WIP: Drones and Hatches complete

Thanks to last week's holiday, I was able to finish my Tau bits and custom hatches.

These drones and magnetized weapons mark the (nearly) total completion of my Tau mega-painters project started one year ago! It was the biggest project I've ever taken on, and I'm happy with the way much of it turned out. (I have a single, plastic ethereal conversion to finish, and my Tau force will be done.)

I finished my custom laser-cut hatches as well, and am very pleased with the result. I'm able to switch between Rhinos and Razorbacks, and the look is unique.

These two small projects bring my Space Marine and Tau armies to a close - a strange feeling, to be sure. While any hobbyist knows that no army is ever done, both of these forces are in a good place, with plenty of variety in the units to allow me several builds.



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  1. Your laser cut hatch is a very nice idea. I always thought it was a bit weird how they were popping out the top of the rhino. It seemed like the doors exposed them quite a bit. Your hatch makes significantly more sense :).