Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP: Grey Knights Stormraven- Stay On Target

I set myself a lofty goal of trying to finish the Stormraven two weeks ago.  That was a little shortsighted with the release of Destiny.  I spent enough time sprawled awkwardly on the couch with a controller in my hand that I pretty much destroyed my back (true story).  Still, I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made and have kicked my case of paint-job-disappointment.  Let's see where I've gotten.

I'm finally glued together!  So close I can taste it.  Here she is fully assembled for the first time.  Just a little more weathering and a base to do and it's showcase time, baby.

Speaking of bases, this was the first time I took the thing out of the box and really thought about what I wanted to do here.  It's going to have to match the Scibor bases from the rest of my GK figures. Unfortunately, they don't make a basing set for this particular style so I'm going to have to...sculpt it manually. Yes.  Sculpt it.

I showed a similar pic last time, but the pilot didn't have arms yet.  Too bad you'll never see most of the detail I put on there. Pretty happy with that gunner in the header image though.  Best human face I've done so far (out of, what, 3?). 

Only thing I'm sad about on this model is my NMM.  After drying, of course the colors tamed down a touch, but then I sealed it with a satin coat and put a little wash on to accentuate the details. The colors are completely flat now, and the once-different yellows in the gold now blend with the yellow in the paper and it's all one big off-white blob. Not going to repaint it.  Done.

I'm not going to make any predictions for this week.  Destiny.  Hoping for post-worthy progress though!



  1. I like the subtle streaking you've done on the flat panels on the stormraven. I didn't notice them before. They add quite a bit to the shading on the model.

    Sorry about the after effects of the sealant. I have some models I'm terrified to seal because of what might happen. So they sit in their glass containers, never played with.

    And great job on that face btw!