Wednesday, November 19, 2014

REFERENCE: Lizardmen

Work has had me traveling like a madman lately and haven't had any hobby time in weeks other than a great game with Trip on Sunday.  Last week I found myself in Mexico City with a little extra time on my hands so I stopped in to their National History Museum.  They've got a great collection of Aztec and Mayan art: perfect reference for that Lizardmen army I've been dreaming of.  Picture time!

I've never played WFB, and am a little scared of diving in to a whole new system to buy crap for. If/when I do though, it'll be Lizardmen that gets me in.  As amazing as some of the new undead stuff has been, I really love the vibrance of the lizards and all their great dinosaur mounts.  The added layover of the Aztec-style art really pushes it over the top for me.  Just gorgeous stuff.

Here's dreaming:



  1. yeah, there's no denying that GW's choice to use the mayan/aztec aesthetic was spot on.

  2. Great reference photos! Thanks for sharing!