Monday, November 3, 2014

WIP: Necron Army - Part 7: Operation Overlord

I've completed the Necron Overlord that came with the Catacomb Command Barge. Progress pics after the break.

I purchased the Command Barge kit with the craigslist lot in August, and was delighted to find that the Overlord was removable. I despise finecast, and having a plastic alternative for the HQ slot is great.

I made a small modification to the model, and swapped the standing legs with a pair of walking legs from the Lychguard kit. It's much more dynamic.

I left the model in three main assemblies; Legs and base, torso and arms, and head. This allowed me to easily access areas that would be tricky on a fully assembled model. I also mounted the parts on cork caps, or old paint pots. This makes handling the model without actually touching it a LOT easier.

I primed the parts with vallejo polyurethane black.

Then I applied a coat of vallejo polyurethane grey to the colored areas, followed by several light coats of vallejo gold yellow. There's overspray here but that's OK - we're going to mask the yellow parts using liquid mask, then apply our metallics.

This image shows the armor plates masked and the legs sprayed with silver on the left, and with the liquid mask removed on the right. MUCH easier than spraying the silver first, then trying to mask everything but the yellow parts!

I followed the same steps on the torso - masking the shoulder armor and central links in the cape. Note the yellow bleeding over into the side on the cape. The liquid mask can sometimes be difficult to control precisely, but in this case it doesn't matter - a little black primer and the vallejo metallics easily cover the yellow.

Here's the same view, cleaned up and detailed. I've added a wash, as well as dry brushing and edge highlighting.

In preparation for painting the green energy elements, I applied four watery thin layers of white to the model. This allows smooth, even coverage without obscuring the details. Remember, multiple thin coats are always preferable to a single, thick coat.

And here's the model finished and assembled! He's striding forward confidently, ready to rend foes with his warscythe!

Next week, the Ghost Ark completed, and the almost forgotten scarabs!



  1. Images 7 and 8 are a perfect example of the drastic effect washes and highlights can make to a model. The yellow goes from flat to dynamic and detailed. Very awesome!

  2. Sooo much better than my attempts. Goddammit :)

  3. I love yellow. It's my fav colour. This is the absolute nuts.