Monday, November 24, 2014

WIP: Assault Terminators — Part 2

Work continues on our Assault unit that will serve as the Emperor's spear!

Previously, we trimmed, cleaned and assembled the models in preparation for painting. Once the glue had set (at least 8 hours) I primed the models using vallejo grey airbrush primer. I place all my models on cork caps or old paint pots using poster tack. I can hold the pot and turn the model for easier coverage without actually touching it.

I did a directional pass with vallejo cold grey from the underside, to add shadows, and then did a directional pass from above with vallejo dead white to create a natural highlight. This "sculpts" the figure, forcing artificial shadows, and keeps the white from appearing flat.

Once that was complete, I applied vallejo beasty brown to the gold areas, and vallejo charcoal grey to the silver areas. This acts as a base, allowing for richer metallic tones.

I then applied vallejo old gold, and vallejo silver to the metallic parts.

I then washed the gold using GW Agrax Earthshade, and the silver using GW Nuln Oil. Once the wash was dry, I applied a light drybrush to bring the highlights back out. Using a fine brush, I applied Nuln Oil to the recesses of the model, and touched up any mistakes using dead white. This brings out the details and also keeps the model from looking flat.

I applied vallejo ultramarine blue to the right arm, shoulderpad and helmet. I also did a VERY light pass of vallejo cyan to the tops of the parts to add a subtle highlight.

I finished the metallics on the right arm just as I had done on the left, and edge highlighted the arm and helmet using vallejo cyan. Once the parts were dry, I glued them to the finished body.

I'll finish the bases with GW steel legion drab, and some texture paint, and the squad will be ready to mete out the Emperor's wrath!



  1. Trip,
    That's a really nice way of doing a quick white. It looks great as the end product. Are you going to do any further weathering? Or are these guys mainly clean and ready to stab stab?

    I think vallejo grey primer is one of my favs as well. It's definitely a lot nicer then GW's skull white primer...which I like to call, sir cracks a lot.

    1. think I might chip them here or there, and add some weathering powder around the feet. might even splash a little blood on them.