Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WIP: Nemesis Dreadknight

With my Stormraven done, I'm eager to add to my GK firepower. NDK on the way!
No time to bask in the glow of my finished Aegis line, I need some heavy weaponry in my GK force. I've never really decided what I think of the NDK kit. On the one hand, it's a giant robot/mecha suit, and how is that not cool?  On the other hand, instead of being wrapped in a proper roll cage like Ripley in the power loader, the pilot is slapped on the front like a baby bjorn. It's a little sad.

I'm still debating wether or not I'm going to do a real conversion on this thing or just make it stock.  I've seen some where guys sculpt up a NDK sized GK helm and make it a proper Mega Robot. I'm so slow with my modeling these days I almost just want to get him playable ASAP. 

The model pieced out pretty quickly.  I was worried as most of these old tools are pretty mucked up and have nasty parting lines, etc, but he was pretty good for the most part. Other than the aforementioned baby bjorn, the only real complaints I have with this kit are the lack of posability in the legs, and being one set of fingers short from making every weapon in the kit. It's such a tiny part, its really obnoxious to leave it out. 

Hoping to get assembly done and start throwing paint on him ASAP.

Anyone have any favorite NDK conversions and want to tempt me in to changing my mind?


  1. My favorite DK conversion was taking the dreadnought sarcophagus and integrating it with the center of the dreadknight.

    Something to the effect of this.

  2. shame there's no posability in the legs, though...

  3. I reposed mine in an attempt to make it less... stupid. You can repose the legs if you really put your mind to it.

    1. After hacking up a few XV8s, I know it's very doable. Just debating how much I want to deal with it. Yours looks nice.

    2. wow, that's an extensive re-pose!