Friday, May 1, 2015

WIP: Alpha Bases- paint weirdness

Started the painting process on my Alpha bases from last week's review.  Quickly found some weirdness with Secret Weapon's method meshing with mine.

So, on the Secret Weapon site, they recommend using ink washes to tone the wood. It looks pretty nice, so I thought I'd give it a shot. First problem- I usually prime my models with airbrush. That'd mean masking the wood. Not spending that much time on these. I want fast results.

I went about painting everything by hand- no primer! What can I say, I'm a rebel. I tried out some washes on the wood. Meh. It's fine but not all that great, and anyplace that you got glue on it doesn't get any tone. I don't wan to have to be that careful. Wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do on the bricks, so I tried inks there too, thinking maybe they'd be porous enough to absorb some and give it a nice look. That didn't really work out. Not porous enough. Just kind of pools up on them.

So I'll probably just end up spraying over these and going back to techniques I'm used to. 

We'll see if I get anything done this weekend. Between work and NBA playoffs, I'm not doing much painting at all!

Go Clips!



  1. Which of their washes are you utilizing Deet?

  2. I'm using their Algae and sapphire on my Alphas. The washes here were actually GW- fleshshade, sepia, agrax...

    1. Ahh. I see. I was wondering because the secret weapon washes are usually ripe in pigment compared to the GW ones. Have you thought about using theirs thinned on the bases vs the GW ones?

      I doubt that would help much with absorption, but what would be absorbed would be stronger in tone.

    2. yeah, what I've seen of their washes so far is great. Don't have any colors that would work on bases though, unless I'm doing aquatic bases.

    3. Ha...ya I bought a few of their powders and few of their washes...ending up just buying the whole set.

  3. Interesting. Doesn't hurt to try new techniques from time to time. Sometimes it works, other times...