Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIP: Imperial Guard Part 2

Missed yesterday's post thanks to The Division! Oops!

Meant to get this up yesterday, but got wrapped up in Tom Clancy's The Division. Sorry about that! :)

My IG are progressing nicely. After priming the parts, I base coated the torsos using my airbrush. This green is a little thin, and instead of two brushed coats I did them in a single pass with the airbrush. Since they were separate, I was also able to brush on the khaki and black very easily.

I also airbrushed the khaki onto the legs and steel legion drab onto the rim of the base. If there's a little overspray here, it's fine, as the boots aren't painted yet! I then applied the basing materials. I put a glob on with a flat brush and sculpt it onto the base.

Once the texture paint is dried, I paint the boots.

I also painted the arms separately, and then joined all the pieces together. (except the heads - I always do those separately so I can airbrush my skin tones.)

Once the basic colors were blocked in, I washed, highlighted and applied decals. (nothing like applying 40+ tiny unit markings to the shoulders!

It's coming together, slowly but surely.



  1. Wow, I would never imagine doing batch painting with a unit that big. Bravo.

    1. had to do it, just to muscle through! I hate painting the same model over and over.

  2. Great stuff, thank you for sharing. A couple questions:

    1) Was the process for the torsos to airbrush the green and then use a good ole fashioned brush with bristles for the khaki and the belt? Just to clarify :)

    2) What's the basing material you are using?

    1. 1. yes. that's it exactly.
      2. GW's astrogranite (I think. The grey grit paint)