Thursday, March 31, 2016

WIP: Alpha Legion

Finally have my hobby room back up and running. Back to the Alphas!
Still moving in so I haven't had a ton of hobby time yet, but I managed to sneak in and break out my squad after my fiance passed out on the couch the other night. After re-sorting all the various appendages back to their owners, I broke out the paint and finished my metal base coating. It was only a couple of hours, but an important milestone reached! I'm on to the faster and more rewarding work.

You can see in the title image that I also snuck in a little bit of other detail work the other day. It's tough staying disciplined to just one color on 17 very similar minis. I couldn't resist getting in to some of the details and I even got a head start on weathering a few. Now to the washes before I get too ahead of myself. 


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