Thursday, March 3, 2016

WIP: Seraphon Saurus Warriors Modelled

After much scraping, my first squad of Lizardm...*Cough* Seraphon are ready for paint.
I always struggle a bit with the first few units in a new army. I'm not so in to the game that I can evaluate the various equipment options just by looking at the stats, and that's especially true for Age of Sigmar of which I've yet to play a single turn. I tried to find info online, but perhaps due to the relative newness of AOS it's surprisingly hard to come by. I opted to give these Saurus Warriors spears and added in a war drum and a Stardrake icon because...options. We'll see how they serve me in battle.

The molds on these guys weren't as good as I'd originally hoped and the parts required a fair amount of scraping to remove mold lines. That's especially a pain in the ass on all those little spikes and scales. Ugh. My least favorite part of the hobby, and I get to do it on a horde army. Yaaay!

That said, the models came out pretty good despite there being next to no poseability. I had to boil and bend the tails a bit for variety but I couldn't really go too much beyond that. Well, I wasn't really willing to go beyond that.

These gents will now have to be content to sit in a Zip Loc for a while until I unleash the new hobby room in a few weeks.


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