Thursday, February 8, 2018

WIP: Astra Militarum Valkyrie pt1

This one's spent the traditional year on the shelf, let's crack it open.

Bought this for my birthday last march. Seems about right to start it now. Why break with the tradition of hoarding things for a year or more before completing them?

Have wanted to make one of these forever. It's a cool looking kit, and I need more mobility for my AM army. ( I mean, what with the dozens, and dozens of games I'm playing with them)

It's been a blast to put together. Good thing I have experience with GW kits, though, as this one is so old the parts aren't even numbered! The instructions simply show you the build, and expect you to find the corresponding bits... good luck!

I've parted it out into sub assemblies to make sure I can get to everything without much hassle. I'll paint the interior of the transport cabin first -- nothing too crazy like the interior of Deet's Stormraven -- just a simple paint and wash here.

Then I'll tackle the cockpit before I assemble the nose section and mask off the pilots.

looking forward to this one!



  1. First Flyer! Excited to see you paint this. And excited to shoot it down, mwahahaha. (because my GK have such a spectacular track record)

    1. Hey, that flyer has survived 50% of the games it's been in!

    2. Yeah, it's had a lot of fun flying around and watching the ground troops disappear.