Tuesday, February 13, 2018

WIP: BANDAI 1:12 scale R2D2 part 2 - weathering

"You got a lot of carbon scoring here. Looks like you boys have seen a lot of action."

With R2 complete, all that was left was to weather him and apply the final decals.

I sprayed the model with a satin varnish to knock down the shine, and prepare it for an oil wash. Once the varnish was dry, I mixed a small amount of burnt umber and black oil paint with mineral spirits. When the mixture was runny, like milk, I applied it to the model.

After 30 minutes, I wiped the model clean with a cotton cloth dabbed in mineral spirits. This removed the oil wash on the panels and high surfaces, but left it in the recesses and details. -- Bang! Instant Tatooine weathering.

I then applied the decals for his dome lights to finish the model. Once I get around to completing the base - he'll be ready for display.


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