Tuesday, February 20, 2018

WIP: Start Collecting! Space Marines Complete!

Finally wrapped up this kit almost two years to the date.

Purchased and unboxed this kit in February of 2016. Seems like a billion years ago, given the unbelievable shit that's happened since then.

I grabbed the kit because the price was great, the captain was previously an exclusive to a $300+ set, and I wanted to make some veterans. All together, not a bad deal.

These were the first "new" marines I had built, and the difference in poseability and accessories over the old sprues was immense. (of course, there are now "Primaris" marines that make these look quaint, but, eh, what are ya gonna do? Time marches on.)



  1. Yeah sweet Trip, I have that Captain too, but don’t really need another Termi Capt, so he’s in the to-do pile...