Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SHOWCASE: Fenrisian Wolves

I did. I let the dogs out.

Sorry, couldn't resist. I don't actually play Space Wolves - that's Greymantle's turf. He loves his space vikings. But, after seeing his Fenrisian Wolves, and watching Buy Painted's youtube tutorial, I had to put some together myself. I was burning out on Tyranids, and the wolves were a welcome change.

The kit is simple, and the possible combinations between heads and bodies keeps them all looking different enough to avoid repetition. More importantly, the poses are incredibly dynamic. The wolves look fantastic on the table. And when you get two of the kits together like this, it really looks like a pack of vicious, man eating beasts.

Using an airbrush, the models paint up VERY quickly. Following Buy Painted's tutorial, I base coated the entire pack of 10 wolves in about 30 minutes. I then spent a few hours painting the details on the mouths, eyes and paws.

After completing the paint work, I coated them with vallejo satin varnish. Once the varnish was dry, I applied an oil wash to the models, and let them sit for half an hour. With the oil wash partially dried, I was able to wipe the models with a cloth (and Q-tips for the detail areas). This cleared away the wash in the high surfaces, but left it in the recesses, causing the details to pop.

Bases were completed with white glue and sand of varying grit. The larger rocks are bits of wine cork painted with dry brushing techniques. To finish, static grass and midland tufts were applied as accents.

Do you have a wolf pack? Questions? Comments? Leave them below.


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