Friday, October 25, 2013

SHOWCASE: Space Marine Devastator Squad

As promised, more of my Space Marines; "The Sons of Titan". Pics and words after the break.

This is one of the Devastator Squads I've painted for my force. It consists of a Sargent, two missile launchers, two plasma cannons and five bolters. All of my Devastator Marines are indicated by a gold helmet with blue stripe - regular Tactical Marines have a grey helmet.

I've actually assembled and painted ALL the weapons options that are included in the Devastator kit, and I swap them out depending on the game type or expected opponent. Generally though, I bring this setup as it allows me to target armor or infantry with equal measure.

A keen eye will notice that the Marines equipped with heavy weapons are the multi-part models from the Devastator kit, but the bolter Marines (meat shields) are simply the slug Marines that come with most starter sets. I had a few extra laying around from an ebay purchase, and they're suited perfectly to the task. Ugly models leave the table first!

I really enjoyed putting the models together, but the tubes on the plasma cannons (and the heavy bolters and las cannons) were a real bitch to line up. It seemed if I tried to make the tubes attach properly to the torsos, it caused all sorts of problems in the pose. Eventually, I heated the models with a dryer and bent them to the shapes I needed.

I like the way the Sargent turned out. Building one from the great selection of parts in the kit was so much more fun than assembling the slug Sargent that was included with the Assault on Black Reach starter kit. And he looks a LOT better. I was able to give him tons of personality.

Building a Space Marine Army? Working on a Dev Squad? Post in the comments below!



  1. pics look great man. Is that all GW gold?

  2. It's Vallejo gold. Not the "old metals" but the normal metallics.