Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SHOWCASE: Hammerhead with Longstrike

Railguns?  Yes please. Who doesn't love (or fear) the Hammerhead? It's a great model, and this latest addition of commander Longstrike to the Tau arsenal makes it all the more powerful.  More pics after the jump.

This little fella was the first big vehicle I painted.  I'm hungry for more.  Lots more.  I struggle with the monotony of painting tiny detail after tiny detail on individual soldiers, but with vehicles you get results.  Fast. And it's not the same ol' crap over and over.

Once I saw all the orange on my first Fire Warrior squad, my fear abated.  It's awfully strong, but you can dial it back a little with the cloth on the armor, etc.  I was still really scared of how it was going to come out on vehicles.  It ain't apologetic, but I think it works.

White, aside from being used across the board on sept markings, is a marker of rank in my force.  I usually throw some on a shoulder pad or chest area on a battle suit.  I figured the engines were as close to shoulders as I was going to get here.

I'm not big on the whole fluff writing thing, but decided the decal (above on the side door) seemed appropriate with the orange theme.  Maybe a desert world with a crazy hot sun and bright colored rock? I'm calling it the Orange Sun sept for now.

Oil wash FTW!

I'll have to take some better pics of Longstrike sometime down the line.  Pretty happy with how he came out. 

Anyone else have a ballsy color scheme for their army?


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