Friday, October 18, 2013

SHOWCASE: Tau Fireteam #2

As detailed in my WIP post, the second Fireteam from my growing Sept is finished! Here are a few pics of the completed squad.

I painted up the second Fireteam with different helmet markings to help set them apart from the first squad I completed in August. I also painted much less battle damage on these models. They're banged up, but not nearly as much as the veterans.

Ah, grenade guys; we love to build them for pose variety, but we always put them in the front so they die first. Poor bastards.

I've painted the squad leader with different shoulder markings than the first, and given him a scanner to differentiate him from the previously completed model.

You'll notice throughout the images of both squads that I've left the shoulder armor off all the models except the squad leaders. frankly, I think it's a little bulky, and don't really like the look of it. I use it only on the leaders, in combination with bare heads, to help make them stand out in the squad.

Have you completed a Fireteam recently? Working on Tau models? Share in the comments below.


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