Monday, July 28, 2014

WIP: Unit Upgrade - Terminator Assault Cannon

Who wants a $2 assault cannon? I do! I do! Time to upgrade some Assault on Black Reach Terminators! (in this case, with an "ass cannon")

These Terminators came with the 5th edition starter set, and were among the first models I ever painted. In fact, I tried to use regular art acrylics to paint them,  So you can see how crunchy and built-up the paint is. I tried to create my own wash, and the results were disastrous. Later, I retouched them with proper model paints, but he's still pretty rough.

All the better to lop his arm off and replace it with an assault cannon! Here, I've simply twisted the arm off and cleaned the joint with an exacto. I'll need to get in there and clean up the paint too. I'll resist the temptation to strip this figure and start from scratch, though.

Here's our $2 cannon, note that the barrels haven't been drilled out. This one's gonna be trickier than a simple boltgun.

Not bad considering I was a little drunk at the time!

Here I've attached the magazine (NOT clip!) to the cannon using Revell contacta pro. In my opinion, it's the best plastic glue available.

And here's a quick dry fit to see how the item will look. I'm excited about this upgrade, as it will add a little visual variety to the squad, as well as some much needed punch!