Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIP: Grey Knights Librarian

Lots of progress on my Librarian.  Should have him finished up and ready to play this weekend!

Grey Knights.  They always take for freaking ever to paint.  I decided the progress was too slow when I was dividing my attention between 6 models and focused my attention on the one I wanted to field right away. Trip and I have been having fun playing with the new Psychic phase and since neither of us could field more than one (well, not counting my GK Termies and Dread), I figured I should really get this arms race started up properly.

Lots of little details as you can see.  My green stuff sculpt-over on the apron came out OK.  Not the sharpest detail, but it's not bad for a quick conversion.  I can clean it up a little better with a final touch of paint. Just a few little details to mop up: the text on the banners, eye lens, and a couple little odds and ends before I finish the base and seal this bad boy up.

The force sword proved a little weird.  My idea was to paint the lightning up just like my usual force swords, and then hit the gold on the sculpted details on top.  Not sure I'm happy with the result.  I have half a mind to chop it off above the demon skull on the hilt and give him a regular sword.  We'll see. 

In other news, I got a new camera, and it's awesome.  A Nikon D7100 for anyone who's curious.  You wouldn't know it from the above pics because I set it up completely wrong and then was too damn lazy to retake the pictures, but check this.  

Clarity, brother!  Does such a nice job if I give it half a chance with decent light.  That above pic was just taken with the ambient light and lamp over my kitchen table.  Oh, and check this out!  So damn excited by this. Taken on the 4th with a 300mm lens while waiting for the fireworks to start.  The rest is 24 glorious megapixels letting me zoom in a bit (I'm used to 6MP, so excuse my excitement as I join the 21st century).  

That's it for this week.  Hope to have a finished Librarian and some good progress toward finishing my Strike Squad for next week. Really antsy to start my Stormraven!



  1. the converted sigil on the bib looks good! Yeah, I'd chop that penis sword off at the hilt, and replace it with a regular power sword blade.

  2. so, just the tip is what you're saying?