Friday, July 11, 2014

SHOWCASE: Space Marine Librarian

A showcase of my recently completed Space Marine Librarian.

Finished this guy a few weeks ago, and finally got around to shooting a showcase for him. I'm honestly quite pleased with the way he turned out. I think I nailed the lens on the eye. Might be the best one I've ever done. The addition of the jump pack, and the minor conversion of the left arm to a force axe really help to set the unit apart, as it's a common model.

He painted up rather quickly, (that, or I'm getting faster) and has the distinction of being one of the few models that I didn't use an oil wash on. As he is mostly black, I didn't need to wash the details on the armor, and only used a little GW agrax and nuln on the details. The cloak was simply airbrushed in different values, and accented with a crevasse wash and some edge highlighting.

I considered doing object source lighting (OSL) on his outstretched hand, but as this was an important model, and I had never done it before, I decided not to risk it. I'm certain there will be other chances to do it on less important character models.

The psyker, accompanied by a small squad of assault troops, moves through the ruins of a manufactorum.

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  1. Said it in the other thread, but seeing our two "next" to each other, I'm impressed how smooth the paint job is on your guys. Even the damage is clean.