Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP: Grey Knights Interceptor Squad and Librarian

Having a day off and a few nights free really helped get me back on track with my Interceptor squad.  Spent some time focusing on the Librarian as well.  Check it!

Was out of town for the weekend, but had a nice long Wednesday last week all to myself as a reward for 3 weeks of chaos.  Lots of painting.  Lots of World Cup action! I've got all my underpainting done (all the whites and golds get a brown layer underneath) and just about all the base colors down minus the whites. 

Once I get my bases down, I'll move on to washes and then start bringing out highlights. Lots of tiny details!

You can kind of see in this picture that there is indeed some blue wash in there.  It's not always terribly visible, but with a hot work light and a cell phone camera, they show up a bit. I'd be happy if they looked like that under natural light...

Plan for the week is to try to focus on the Librarian and see if I can't finish a model.  Nice long weekend coming up, and hope to get a game in as well as some painting time. 

What's everyone else working on? What do you Limeys do on Good Riddance day while we're down at the beach watching drunk people and fireworks?