Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SHOWCASE: Grey Knights Interceptor Squad

I'm putting a fork in these guys. Pics after the jump.

When I did my GK Terminators I went all out, painting them to the best of my ability. I started out with that intent on these guys, but there are too many shiny projects calling my name and I want to move on.  It's probably only another 5-6 hours of highlighting to get these up to the same level, but daddy wants a Stormraven.

I still went tweaker status on the name banners and force swords.  Pretty happy with how those came out.

Here you can see the Scibor bases doing work.  A little bit of weathering powder (done) and a touch of gloss (which I haven't done yet) will really make that muddy bottom sing.  

These were fun models, and I enjoyed working on them.  I'll probably come back to them at some point, but I can't wait to have my first flyer on the table!



  1. Really well done. They go great with the bases as well. I like how the psycannon is painted purple instead of red, making it easier to pick out in the squad (when moving/placing the models). A great idea!

  2. I actually magnetized the psycannon and flamer. Flamer is red, psy is purple. All psychic stuff in my army is purple